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Retail and Events industry

and Network Development



About me

I’m a global citizen with Italian origins who appreciates the cultural diversity of the world.
Over the last 10 years, I have lived and worked in 6 countries – each with a unique lifestyle and corporate culture.


My extensive experience ranges from back office operations such as procurement and supply chain management to implementing strategies such as setting up offline and online stores, employees training and building, reinforcing and maintaining a strong stakeholders network management on a global scale.


I believe…


…the key success factor for growth in both business and life is to be open to change by using positive emotions and surrounding yourself with outstanding people.


…in honesty, integrity, competence, empowerment.


…that giving back helps us become the best version of ourselves, regardless of how much we give. It contributes to building a more inclusive, diverse and equal society for everyone.


Are you looking to build a new company, brand or division?

Are you looking to create or optimize your operations?

Are you looking to build, maintain or grow your presence outside your border?

Are you looking to expand through the right channels and with the right business model?


Core values

Honesty. Integrity. Competence.

Social Impact

My philanthropic mission focuses on empowering young women around the world by providing them with the financial means and education that is necessary for their personal and professional development.


Women are at the core of every society around the world. It is crucial that they are enabled so that they contribute and play active roles in their local communities. This will transform each society into a healthier, more supportive and, above all, more inclusive one.


Discover how working together will continue changing the lives of many young girls living in unprivileged conditions around the world.




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