About Us

A young company built by highly-skilled entrepreneurs who decided to gather their global experiences to enhance and assist step by step, small-medium sized company in their journey of expansion. 

It’s a very modern, agile and flexible organization. The one-stop place where worldwide CEO’s can find concrete answers to thrive their business thanks to: 

  •  an international team with global experience 
  •  a presence in the territories ( Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia)
  •  clear and tailored processes development and approach to the business
  •  divisions specialized in different fields interconnected to each other to reach the strategic and business goals

About the CEO

A Global citizen with Italian origins who appreciates the cultural diversity of the world.
Over the last 10 years, she has lived and worked in 6 countries on 4 different continents– each with a unique lifestyle and corporate culture.

Her extensive experience ranges from back-office operations such as procurement and supply chain management to implementing strategies such as setting up offline and online stores, product distribution, employees training and building, reinforcing and maintaining a strong stakeholders network management on a global scale.

She has always been a great believer that the key success factor for growth in both business and life is to be open to change, surround yourself with outstanding people, work with honesty, integrity, competence empowering your team. 

She strongly believes that giving back helps us become the best version of ourselves, regardless of how much we give. That’s why part of the Polato Consulting income is redirected to sustain women empowerment projects which contribute to building a more inclusive, diverse and equal society for everyone.