I will ensure your company achieves its strategic and operational goals by defining the entire project structure, designing and optimizing processes, and managing your stakeholder network. I will guide you in starting and implementing all the necessary phases tailored to your needs.
The result will be strong leadership alignment, engaging empowered teams, and improving your overall business efficiency and revenues.

I will ensure your company succeeds in all its endeavors with my expertise.

Project Management

1. Project planning.

2. Market analysis.

3. Branding and rebranding.

4. 4P’s definition (product, price, place & promotion).

5. Team Management.

6. Risk Management.

7. Stakeholder Communication.

8. Quality Assurance.

8. Budget and Resource Management.

9. Reporting and Documentation.

10. Post-Project Evaluation.

Business Project Management

Supermarket Chain

Italy, Japan, USA

The scope of work was to set up the export process to the UAE, USA and Japanese markets and to improve the overall supply chain for an existing Italian supermarket chain.
The project also included the standardization of the new retail venue in the foreign market, to be in line with the HQ’s policies.
To reach this objective, I acted as the main link between the 3 new markets and the mother company in Italy. I coordinated with all suppliers and stakeholders to reach various agreements and designed the new retail structure, which included the look and feel along with the implementation.

The results included:

  • Obtaining 150 suppliers with 1000 products.
  • Expanding the brand successfully to the new markets.
  • Standardizing the shelves’ merchandising and implementing the brand guidelines to the new locations.
  • Increasing HQ export revenue for different foreign markets by 30%.

Family Investment Group


This green field project involved the setting up of a new food FMCG brand, building its operations and establishing its distribution processes and overall strategy.
From the onset, it was important to analyze the budget to be able to map out the next steps, which included: selecting suppliers and their management, staff recruitment, branding advisory, market analysis and 4p’s Strategy.

The results included:

  • Expanding the team to cover key strategic functions.
  • Finalizing the logistical and legal requirements including warehouse rental, municipality registration and product shipment.
  • Designing the 4Ps strategy: product line and packaging, pricing, placement and promotion and distribution.

Franchise and Operations

1. Business model articulation tailored to specific markets.

2. Key team recruitment performance maximization.

3. Supply chain processes and management.

4. Branding and operation processes’ implementation.

5. Retail store opening.

6. Franchising pack structuring (training and design, social media manual)

7. B2B and B2C Business Development.

Business Cases – Franchise and Operations

Retail F&B

Italy, USA, UAE, Qatar

The brand wanted to increase its global presence outside of the Italian market to the GCC through franchising agreements.
My scope of work was to implement the brand guidelines and operations in the new markets within the agreement making sure that the supply chain cost is efficiently managed.

This was achieved by being the company’s sole representative in the GCC in charge of the full spectrum of operational activities ranging from process and product redesign in line with the local market, recruitment and training of key team members, selection of suppliers, renegotiation of import requirements and procurement costs and maintenance of brand standards locally.

The results included:

  • Opening 5 stores in two GCC countries.
  • Hiring and managing a team of 30.
  • Adapting to the local market by adding two novel product categories.
  • Achieving sales growth of 20% through presence in the delivery platforms and Ho.Re.Ca in addition to the stores.
  • Saving $150K in supply chain cost.

F&B Fast Casual Restaurant


The business is an Italian fast casual restaurant born in the UAE. I supported the brand to increase sales through the online delivery platforms, to attract franchising partners and to improve operation’s optimization processes.

The goal was reached through redesigning the existing packaging, entering new platforms, developing a new menu and the remodeling of the pricing. Furthermore, a new strategy was designed to improve the digital brand awareness. As the brand was considering an expansion plan via franchising, we developed the content of the agreement and the structure of the operations in case a franchising contract is reached.

The results included:

  • Developing the franchising book with one franchising deal closed and two in the pipeline.
  • Rebuilding the marketing strategy and social media campaigns resulting in an increase of audience by 70%.
  • Increasing the online delivery presence by approximately 40%.
  • Structuring the operational excellence program.