What people say

Patrizia Civitate
Head of International Retail & Partnership Gromart- Unilever

Reliable and efficient is what comes to mind when I think of Federica.
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for 7 years, during which she was first reporting to me directly as a Brand Manager and after that as my point of reference during the opening of GROM stores in the GCC. I was impressed with Federica’s global vision, her multitasking skills and her ability to operationally implement all what was agreed on in a very fast and smooth manner. Her outgoing, but determined, and teamwork-oriented personality allowed her to build lasting relations with all the stakeholders involved in the business both in Italy and abroad.
Federica and her team are a true asset for any project requiring organization and strategic coordination.

Matteo Bianchi
CEO- Italianity LLC

Federica has supported my business in many areas and has added critical value, the one that only experienced F&B operations officers can bring. Having a Project Manager like Federica, with her well-rounded profile, not only allows her to lead teams to getting things done but she also inspires people she works with, with her empathy and passionate drive. She has assisted us in setting up our franchising book, our marketing and social media campaigns and our operational excellence program. I look forward to our next project together. Strongly recommend.

Frederick Banaag
Operation Manager at Piadera Dubai
Previous former Federica’s eomployee.

Federica is an “actual leader”. I’ve been working for her for more than 4 years, during which I have learned a lot about organization, leadership and being humane. I was impressed with her ability to have people realize their purpose not just in the organization but also in life and, of course, her truthfulness and honesty towards her stakeholders. I’m sure Federica and her team would be a real support for any project that requires teamwork, leadership, punctuality and organization to name a few. She has my heartfelt recommendation.


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